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A fall from grace

My general disinterest in lives of the celebrities has caught up with me today, in an unexpected way. Just two days ago, I expressed my delight with the recent Oscar winner Marion Cotillard, only to learn today that she happens to believe in two of the most ridiculous conspiracy theories in human history – that 9/11 was staged by the US government and that a man never walked on the Moon.

I am faced with a problem. I normally cannot bring myself to admire someone’s work if I dislike that someone as a person (see, Gibson, Mel, whom I used to like well enough until that infamous traffic stop), and it’s hard for me to like a person whose sense of reality is so evidently warped. I have not found anything to suggest that what she said was said in jest, or uttered for any reasons beyond expressing her true beliefs, and while I do not deny anyone the right to believe in whatever they choose, I reserve the right to call them idiots whenever their beliefs are, well, idiotic. Which means that any movie that she appears in will forever be colored for me in displeasing tones from now on.

It’s true what they say: Ignorance is bliss. I was better off an hour ago without having learned of this via some week-old entries in my blog aggregator.

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  1. jason

    I sympathize. It’s very difficult for me to learn that people I admire, or at least whose work I enjoy, have feet of clay. Mel Gibson’s distasteful lunacy has been an especially hard pill to swallow, as I used to consider myself quite a fan of his. About the only Gibson films I can stomach these days are the Mad Max movies, and that’s probably only because they contain so little dialog or political/philosophical subtext…

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