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Fitness reboot

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: I joined a gym and started exercising regularly. If you haven’t heard this before, you must not have been a regular reader of this blog in its first couple of years. Don’t despair, I’ll recap: In late 2007, I joined a gym that was conveniently collocated with my

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Happy New Year!

I hope that every one of you had smashing time greeting the New Year! We did our usual thing with a group of our good friends, gathering around the table, eating, drinking, laughing around, eventually moving on to karaoke and movie-watching. We did this in practically the same company for years before moving off to

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Celebrating the season

I am a fairly indifferent homeowner when it comes to decorating for holidays, even though the family customarily forces me to get out the ladder and hang icicles on the roof and other lights around the house. I do, however, enjoy seeing illuminated displays around the neighborhood.    

Wednesday weekly post

My last three posts all happened on consecutive Wednesdays, and I feel a strange obligation to keep the pattern going. (Anyone who uses said pattern to check the blog exactly a week from today will be disappointed – I do not expect to be able to post anything next Wednesday. Will I break the pattern

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Each of our babysitters has her own technique for keeping the baby sister content. One lulls her with YouTube videos and then lets her sleep. The other carries the little person around in the kangaroo contraption.    


My employer has this incredible 12-week paternity leave benefit. Yes, you read it right, paternity with a “p”. As in, the father of a newborn child can get 12 weeks off work with full pay. I know plenty of people who take advantage of that. In fact, I know one guy who seemingly takes advantage

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There is something decidedly strange in getting excited about receiving the social security card. But when it comes to a newborn, and the card signifies the very first official document that the little person has, it definitely passes for another milestone.

DIY with a little online help

A little house problem: The dryer suddenly starts leaving clothes damp after a full cycle. What do I know about dryers? Nothing. I’m only aware of the fact that this is a ten year old unit, that we did not want to extend “service plan” for it last year, and that a flat-rate service call

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Introducing Emily

My meat-space friends have been aware of the fact that Natasha and I embarked on a serious new project roughly nine months ago. Now it’s time to announce the results. Emily Sofia Burlak was born in the early morning hours of this fine Wednesday. She weighed in at 7 lbs 1 ounce and measured 20

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This is the tomato that we have grown in our own back garden. I personally had nothing to do with it, which may explain why Kimmy thought that it was the tastiest tomato she ever had.     Photography by Kimmy.

Coulda, shoulda…

More than a week between posts is quickly becoming the norm, rather than exception, for me. During this last week, I could have written about a number of subjects. I could continue to opine on the World Cup – disallowed goals, inanity of soccer being the only sport where the referee is both allowed to

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Random notes from O’Hare

Either I am exceedingly lucky or I don’t understand at all complaints of other people about O’Hare airport. I flew there and back quite frequently in my pre-England years, and just made a second trip this year, and I don’t seem to ever get stuck going through O’Hare. Going in or coming back, flights depart

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Watching the World Cup

I finished Kimmy’s birthday movie with over a week to spare. Go me! It turned out pretty good, if I say so myself, but I’ll be sure to post here the raving reviews I’m certain to receive after its premiere this coming weekend. Of course, I spent so much time focusing on that one project

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Singing in the woods, again

I enjoy our by now traditional semi-annual КСП outings. I happen to have a good time while I am there. Then I get back home, recognize the fact that I slept for probably 6-7 hours cumulatively over the course of the weekend, and fight fatigue for the next couple of days. It’s worse than a

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