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Inexplicable British weather

British forecastI stayed home today, so that Natasha could attend a PTA meeting at Becky’s school in the early afternoon. Whenever I stay home, I normally take Kimmy to school and pick her up, a happy responsibility that evades me on a regular day.

This morning, at 8:45am, as we were driving to Kimmy’s school, the weather was as dismal as it comes: Strong winds, leaden skies, driving rain. At around 10, though, as I looked out the window, the rain stopped, the skies cleared, and the sun was shining brightly.

By noon, the gray skies returned and it was raining again…

By 3pm, when it was time for me to drive to the school to pick Kimmy up, it was bright and sunny again…

At 3:07pm, as I was standing in the schoolyard, waiting for children to come out, someone upstairs flipped a switch, the skies changed color as if by magic, and another portion of torrential rain emptied on me and a bunch of similarly sorry parents.

Guess what I see at the moment, at 3:57pm? Would you believe it – the shining sun!

I’ve seen this kind of weather before on tropical islands. Never thought Britain was one…

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