You are now in the section of Burlaki family website that is dedicated to our travel notes.

We go on holidays to places near and far a good deal, and while we have no pretenses of being travel journalists, we do keep notes of the destinations that we visit, including sights, attractions, restaurants, lodgings, transportation and logistics.  Some of our notes find their way onto online forums, such as Fodors or TripAdvisor, but we also wanted to give them a permanent web place here.  The content here is being updated as new places are visited.  Hopefully, you will find here an advice or an idea that will make your next trip to one of these destinations even more memorable.

There are several ways to navigate around:

  1. Browse by Destinations in the menu,
  2. Use the Search function at the top,
  3. Start with the World Map that puts all places that we’ve been to on the map and lists, by country in alphabetical order, all marked places with links to available articles.

We use the following simple convention for rating our favorite places.

We like it
♥♥ We like it very much
♥♥♥ We love it

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Bon voyage!