This section of Burlaki.com is dedicated to travel information and recommendations. You can navigate it in several ways:

  1. Choose a region in the menu and click through to available articles represented by markers,
  2. Start with the World Map, click on a marker to get to the country grid containing available articles,
  3. Use the Search function to type what you are looking for.

We use a simple – and obviously subjective – rating convention throughout the guides:

a must
strongly recommended
sufficiently enjoyable

An absence of a rating most likely indicates that the particular attraction or activity can be skipped by most visitors. Lodging, dining, and other practical options are not marked with explicit ratings; when mentioned, they imply a strong recommendation.

Points of interest that we are aware of but have never been to are italicized rather than bolded.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Bon voyage!