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How to get to Mars

This is not a new clip, it’s been around for nearly two years. In fact, I am pretty sure that most of my audience have seen it in the past. But it’s wa-a-a-y cool. And absent any original thought at this here blog, it certainly serves as a an upgrade in terms of entertainment. Enjoy!

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A regular pretender

Perusing my long-neglected blog aggregator, I came across Brian’s attempt to analyze his writing style via an online gadget (which, I believe, other people tried as well). I was, for a short moment, idle, so I figured I should try that. The results? Unlike Brian (who was consistently pegged to the same author with every

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Pixel attack

I’m far from being prolific in my blogging these days, for a great number of reasons. Instead of recounting those reasons, I’ll just borrow content elsewhere on this occasion. This clip is nothing short of brilliant.     Via Exler.

Style your garage

This German firm sells photo-tarpaulins that are meant to turn your grey and ugly garage doors into something fun and exciting, causing “neighbours, friends and passers-by to stop and stare”. They have dozens of designs. I am torn between these:         Tip of the hat to Anya S.

Unusual roads

A fascinating – if, as usual with these types of compilations, arguably incomplete – list of the world’s most unique roads. Sadly, I’ve only driven one of these myself. Which makes it several more destinations that I’ve never been to and need to eventually visit. Via Instapundit.

Boom de yada

It’s been over a year since this song lodged itself into my – and, hopefully, yours – brain. Today, Vince clued me in on the sequel. Still brilliant!  

Not sure about that one…

Many of my online friends did this test and, for lack of any other entertainment herein, I finally decided I needed to start using fillers again… … except I was not actually ready to do justice to a 120-item questionnaire, so the result turns out to be rather random. Human? Check. The rest? Really!? And

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Absolutely amazing sand art

You don’t have to understand Russian to be fascinated with the skill of this performer. A poignant sand art essay that commemorates what we know as the Great Patriotic War.     Tip of the hat to Natasha K.

Can I sell myself a fake watch?

Of the various email addresses that I use for different purposes, only my gmail account both is used regularly and has a built-in spam folder. Which I review maybe once a month, out of curiosity. An idle check today yielded a surprising conclusion. Between your run-of-the-mill offers of fake watches and college degrees, invitations to

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Everything’s amazing…

I saw this the other day on Speculist and could not resist re-posting it here. It does occur to me all too often that as recently as 20 years ago, a number of things that we now consider “bare essentials” did not yet exist. Mind you, I still reserve the right to complain about air

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Listen to this

I’m sure a lot of people would love it just for the Star Wars music. I’m mostly impressed with the guy’s singing abilities. Via The Speculist. [Ed. Upd.: Speculist since posted that Corey Vidal is a talented lip-syncher, rather than singer. The real singers are found here – Matt was correct in identifying them.)

Simpsonized portraits

My brother asked about the avatar that now pops up next to my comment replies on this blog. It is a simpsonized me, that I have long been using as Gravatar for blogs that support that service. The big picture looks like this:   I think it certainly resembles me. Don’t you agree? Just to

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On medical myths

Do you believe that sugar makes your kids hyperactive? Or that night eating makes you fat? Or that hangovers can be cured? You are way off the mark there. Here is a recap of a BMJ article (also publicized in NYT) on the common medical myths. There is also a similar BMJ article of a

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The name’s Bond…

Hah! I had no doubt that this is what I would end up with, because I honestly do not see myself much as anyone else among the choices. I could live with Indiana Jones, I guess, but I realize how his traits, as implied in various questions, do not fit with me. Now, Maximus? How

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A puzzle with horsies

A friend of mine sent me this little puzzle, which, truth be told, did not take me long to solve. Since today shapes up as another really busy day at work, I decided to take an easy route out of blogging and post the puzzle here. Anyone who cares to post the solution – with

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