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London Tour: Admiralty Arch

One of the streets converging on Trafalgar Square (the previous entry in the series) is The Mall, which runs straight to the Queen Victoria Memorial and the Buckingham Palace. Access to The Mall from the square is through Admiralty Arch. Its name symbolizes solely the fact that it adjoins the Old Admiralty Building. It was not built to commemorate any naval victories, but rather in memory of Queen Victoria.

Admiralty Arch as viewed from Trafalgar Square

And here is the view from the other side. Interestingly, the archway is built to be concave from both front and back. Not that I know which side is the front, to tell the truth.

Admiralty Arch as viewed from The Mall



  1. Kisintin

    Maybe you should do a video series for this, several small episodes walking around and taping. Pictures are great, but sometimes a video does a better job.

  2. Kisintin

    But I can plant an idea in your head, can’t I? That’s just a part of my insidous plan to make your life a bit more complicated, with us as your readers reaping the harvest of your labors 🙂

    Once the idea is there I hope it will grow and infect a larger portion of your brain 🙂 Call it ninja-ing it…

  3. Brian Greenberg

    I’ve only been to London a couple of times, but I remember walking through this arch and past Buckingham Palace in 2005 (or 2006?) with one Ilya Burlak!

    Once again, nice pics. Videos would be great, but I agree with you – photos strike the right cost/benefit ratio here…

  4. Ilya

    Kostyan, nah, already forgot about it. 🙂

    Actually, in August, while the family is in the States, I may be bored enough to attempt it…

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