Trogir’s core ♥♥♥ is a small island packed with houses, with some flavors of Venice, some of Florence, some more medieval, some Renaissance. The mix is awfully picturesque, although the closeness of buildings allows very few wide photographic perspectives.

The main square ♥♥ by the cathedral is one of the focal points, surrounded by beautiful palaces and sporting a Loggia ♥ with an obvious resemblance to the Florentine Loggia dei Lanzi.

Cathedral of St Lawrence ♥ is ok – carvings at the entrance are probably the most impressive feature, although the interior is worth a look. The cathedral tower ♥♥ is not an easy climb in its last portion, but well worth it (there is a sign prohibiting children under 14 to climb, but many people ignore it); there is a roof platform with views over palaces on the main square; and then the top platform has wonderful views over the town, the surrounding water, and beyond.

The fort of Kamerlengo is another place for rooftop views, but we did not go after having climbed the tower. Beyond that, other attractions consist of a number of churches and the south-side promenade with several nice mansions. Most of people will simply stroll around the narrow streets.

Places to Eat

Random stop for lunch at Royal ♥♥. Extensive nice menu, quiet location on a side square, good food. Grilled octopus portion was twice the size anywhere else. Our damage: Kn 550 for three adults and a child, with a bottle of wine. Last visit: Summer 2019.

Other notes for Croatia