The city looks attractive enough to warrant future exploration. The one quick stop to-date was centered on Basilique Saint-Sernin ♥, a top attraction in town which is part of the French route of Santiago de Compostela. It is exquisite and imposing on the exterior, but the interior is relatively dull if big. There is a soaring chapel behind the altar, but you can only see it from between grilles or from afar.

Canal du Midi

I made a few car stops in Toulouse and around to view Canal du Midi from bridges. It is a tranquil waterway but no recommendations can be made from those stops. The canal needs to be explored on a boat.


Eglise Notre-Dame-du-Bourg ♥♥ is an important part of the French Santiago de Compostela route, and it warranted a quick stop in Rabastens. The church is brilliantly painted, although some of the frescoes are in need of restoration.

Other notes for France