Šibenik stands apart in having an all-pedestrian core that runs up the hill, with stairs replacing most of the streets. Its feel is very medieval, and the town has a comparatively lower billing among Dalmatian sights.

Cathedral of St James ♥♥ is a stand-alone UNESCO World Heritage sight and is unusually situated not at the highest point of the town. Walking up the street-stairs open several elevated viewpoints onto the cathedral. There are interesting decorations on the exterior, and a few pleasant features in the interior, admittedly not of the “breathtaking” grade. It is also relatively not big.

Beyond the cathedral, we strolled around the streets and stairs of the old town. Some corners are quite picturesque. Our only other stop was in the garden of the monastery of St Lawrence ♥ – small and peaceful, despite the café at the entrance.

World Heritage chasers may also be interested in visiting the Fort of St Nicholas, part of the serial Venetian Defenses UNESCO site. The fort is surrounded by the sea and guards the entrance to the harbor. It can be visited on a boat trip from Šibenik port, but we only drove by to the nearest land spot to take pictures across the water.

Other notes for Croatia