We went to Potsdam with only one goal in mind: Sansoussi ♥♥♥. The complex, which includes two large palaces and a vast park with several pavilions, can take an entire day to explore all by itself. We came to visit about a week prior to when most of the pavilions in the park become open to public for the summer (that happens on May 15th), and Neues Palais was closed on the day of our visit anyway (Friday), but we still spent half a day on the estate.

It is very much worth it. The park is beautiful, with multiple sculpted gardens, fountains and architectural highlights such as Chinesisches Teehaus. Entrance to the park itself is free.

But the main attraction is, of course, Schloss Sansoussi ♥♥♥ which stands atop a beautifully terraced vineyard.

The entrance to the palace is with a timed guided tour. The tour departs every 20 minutes, and we were able to buy tickets for one that was starting in about an hour. In summer, it is quite possible that you can get inside only with an advance ticket purchase. The tour is in German (limited English information cards are provided). You will be required to put slippers – provided at the entrance – over your shoes. The tour takes you through a succession of lavishly decorated and furnished rooms, some with excellent paintings hanging on the walls.

There are other attractions in Potsdam, including the setting for the 1945 conference, Cecilienhof, a couple of other palaces, the imposing Nikolaikirche, and Babelsberg film park. We did not have time for any, unfortunately.

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