The huge peninsula that is part of the Greek mainland is home to many interesting locations, but we only had a chance to visit a couple.


Mycenae Archaeological Site

The archaeological site at Mycenae ♥♥ (Μυκήνες) is comparatively compact and consists of purely ruins, with just a few partial walls and a couple of gates standing. Not surprising, since it is 3,500 years old. Some impressive fragments for the connoisseurs. For kids who like to climb and jump on rocks, it is a veritable playground. The onsite museum is not too big, but has a remarkable and well-displayed collection of artifacts.

On the road to and from Napflio, we drove by the archaeological site at Tyrins (Τίρυνθα), which is joined with Mycenae on UNESCO World Heritage recognition. It looked a lot less crowded, but we did not have time to stop by.


The seaside town on Nafplion ♥ (Ναύπλιο) is somewhat touristy but not without charms or picturesque corners. We only took a bit of a stroll through its walkable pedestrianized core.

Karathona beach ♥♥ is a few kilometers south of Nafplion – long and sandy, with shallow, calm and warm waters. There are several umbrella sections, some for direct hire, other paid by ordering drinks at the beachside cafés.

Places to Eat

A random choice in Nafplion center, O Meraklis XXL offered reasonable souvlaki/pita menu at insignificant cost with sidewalk seating.

Other notes for Greece