In 4 words: Capital of the Riviera.
For your visit one full day should be enough to get acquainted with the city.
Distances are walkable in all cases.
Love its Mediterranean old quarter.
Worthy attractions: Strolling up and down promenade des Anglais; Cathédrale Orthodoxe Russe St-Nicolas; Château, a park with sweeping views of the coastline.
Left for another visit: Musée Matisse; Musée Chagall; Musée des Beaux Arts; Palais Lascaris.
Last visit: May 2002.

Using Nice as a base for our explorations of the Riviera in 2002, we spent some time getting acquainted with the city itself. We did not spend any time on museums, but instead strolled around and enjoyed the lively atmosphere.

Promenade des Anglais ♥♥, the seaside thoroughfare, is a prime people-watching gallery. On a pleasant day, commandeering a couple of chairs by the guardrail and spending some time idly looking out on the beach and to the sea is a very nice pursuit.

The old quarter ♥♥ is very Mediterranean in look and feel, definitely worth exploring.

Nearby Château ♥, a park on a high hill, provides unrivaled views over the city and the coastline.

Of the architectural attractions, we only specifically visited Cathédrale Orthodoxe Russe St-Nicolas ♥, which greatly resembles the famous St Basil’s in Moscow. We only caught a glimpse of the interior.

The daily market in Cours Saleya ♥ is a delight of flowers, vegetables, etc.

Places to Eat

We had at least three dinner meals in Nice, but in 2002, we were not diligently recording the specifics of meals in our diary. Based on what I can surmise, the establishments were Jardins Capitole and West End Hotel on Promenades des Anglais, and Le Milo’s ♥ on pedestrian Rue Masséna. The latter actually prompted a couple of diary notes, referring to the most efficient waiter that we’ve seen on our entire two-week French trip as well as the most delicious Chocolate Pyramid dessert. I also happen to recall that the length of the meal at West End exceeded four hours. But I do not have many recollections beyond that to provide any true recommendations.

Other notes for France