I only spent a few hours in Manchester ahead of a football game once, strolling around the city center and forming no more than a first impression.

The city center is surprisingly pleasant, with many impressive architectural ensembles and a lot of mix of the old and new. The most impressive edifices are around Albert Square ♥, centered on the Town Hall ♥.

Cathedral ♥♥ is the only attraction that I stepped inside of for any length of time – its bright mosaics with abstract patterns give away the fact that the building was almost entirely rebuilt after the destruction of the World War II.  I also checked out a couple of smaller churches.

Places to Eat

El Gato Negro ♥ – good tapas fusion place in the city center, nice service and ambiance. The offer to try a couple of wines gratis before selecting which bottle to open was well accepted. Last visited in Spring of 2017.

Other notes for UK