Brighton ♥♥ is an atmospheric seaside town 60 miles south of London. It is a tremendously popular location, reputedly overrun by tourists in summer.

Brighton view from its pier

Seafront boulevard is a nice strolling avenue, a lá Nice, with beaches and the sea beyond on one side and fancy hotels on the other.

The sea is amazingly calm (it is, of course, not the open sea, but the English Channel) and of vivid aquamarine color. The sunset produced unbelievable palette of its own.

Lanes Traders district in the middle of old city is a maze of narrow passages, reminiscent of corners of Venice (sans canals), with smart shops and all types of eateries.

Royal Pavilion ♥♥♥ is an impressive small palace of early 19th century, heavily influenced by Indian and Chinese architectural styles.

Several rooms inside – banqueting hall, kitchen, music room – are simply breathtaking. Audioguide is included in the price of the ticket; even a 6-year-old can follow narration. The palace itself is not very large, which means that kids can remain interested throughout. In addition, there is a children illustrated guide to the palace (extra) which works games into the tour.

When darkness comes, the palace is illuminated in magical light.

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