While the town is customarily considered a bastion of Provençal culture, it is most famous for its Roman sites.

We visited both the Roman Amphitheater ♥ and the ruins of the Roman Theater ♥. Curiously, the latter left a more lasting impression. We also wandered its streets for a while – and did not record anything exceptional about them.

There are several other attractions that may be worth checking out if we find ourselves in town again: Constantine’s Roman Baths, Espace Van Gogh, Museon Arlaten, Eglise St-Trophime. A medieval burial ground southeast of town, Les Alyscamps, is another possibility.

We spent two nights in Arles on our only visit, but only explored the town for a few hours on the day of our arrival, spending all of the next day in Avignon, and then leaving in the morning of the following day. Something to be rectified in the future.

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