A square in Aix

We only spent a few hours in this gem of a city. There are plenty of architectural delights, inviting cafés, as well as an occasional church worth wandering into. Atelier de Cézanne or Pavillon de Vendôme may be worth checking out if time permits, as are a couple of minor museums, such as Musée Granet or Musée des Tapisseries. The Cathédrale de St-Sauveur reputedly provides examples of every architectural style between 5th and 17th centuries.

We did not go to any of those attractions. Instead, we indulged ourselves in idle perambulation from one shady square to another in the historic town center ♥♥♥. Aix has been called “the city of a thousand fountains” for a reason. Every square is adorned with a beautiful fountain, which makes the overall ambience all the more enchanting. Start on the grand, if too traffic-heavy, Rotonda, walk along elegant and tree-lined Cours Mirabeau ♥ (which is home to three of the most impressive fountains itself), and then lose yourself in the labyrinth of the Old City streets – you’ll be in for a pleasant adventure.

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