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I ended my favorite sights vignette of Vienna several years ago with a promise to take hundreds of pictures on my next trip to the city. Such trip came about recently – and I fulfilled that promise to a certain degree. I now have a reasonable amount of good shots from the Austrian capital. And

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A morning with Gaudí

Once a trip – hardly ever more than that – I decide to get up early enough to photograph famous vistas in the serenity of dawn. A single night in Barcelona at the conclusion of our recent Costa Brava vacation gave me an opportunity to improve my portfolio of Gaudí masterpieces (my past limited selection

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Red Square, 25 years ago

This, technically, is the next installment of my re-counting World Heritage sites series. But it just struck me as something of utmost importance that the pictures accompanying this entry were taken in February of 1991, practically exactly twenty-five years ago.     Red Square is one of those places that even a casual traveler would

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