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Service review: Siteground

You need to find a host for your website. If you are like me and prefer your hosting provider to give you all necessary tools, fast response times, and then basically get out of your way while remaining at the ready to help, you can hardly do better than Siteground. I moved through my share

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Gear review: Joby Sling Strap

My most useful photography-related acquisition of all time has nothing to do with the process of taking pictures, per se. Instead, it has everything to do with what I do with the camera in between shots. For years, I carried my camera around my neck, as many other people do. Now, I use a not-so-lightweight

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Software Review: Photomatix Pro

  Why HDR? These days capabilities of photo-processing software are such that any resonably exposed shot can be turned into a brilliant one in post. Especially if you shoot in RAW, which gives you an ability to manipulate the entire data from your camera’s sensor. Nonetheless, the dynamic range that the sensor can capture in

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