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French motorway signs

A pretty interesting observation from our regular drives in and through France are the “nearby attraction” billboards on French freeways. These are normally positioned some distance ahead of their corresponding exits and pictorially depict the most important stuff that you might want to check out if you suddenly decide to turn off there. I don’t

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Gelato galore

One stat that I omitted in my previous post was the number of gelato flavors sampled by the family. The exact count, in fact, escapes me, and likely cannot be extracted from Natasha’s travel diary, since she must have omitted some of the less enthusiastically received flavors. But an intelligent estimation, including les glaces in

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Skiing in Alps

Disclaimer #1: Admittedly, I am not much of a skier. Disclaimer #2: The closest that I’ve ever been to a major North American skiing resort is Mont-Tremblant in Quebec, which normally figures somewhere in the Top 20 on the travel magazines’ lists. I have never been to Colorado, Utah or British Columbia, having otherwise satisfied

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