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Cranbury, New Jersey

This past Sunday was a brilliant after-snow day begging for an outdoor activity. In my case, it meant finding a picturesque locale to test out a new camera that I had recently acquired. The historic town of Cranbury – which I inexplicably have never visited before even though my house is located within just half-an-hour

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A place in my memory: Mottingham

Majority of my readers would most likely not know Mottingham. Do you mean Nottingham, of Robin Hood fame?… Native Londoners may recognize the name of the village but give me a quizzical look as to why I would choose to highlight a rather nondescript location instead of one of hundreds of places that are famous

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Holiday lights

Last night we made a tour around the best-decorated houses in our corner of New Jersey. Christmas may be in the past already but they stay lit for New Year, helping us to get into necessary holiday spirit. Taking pictures hand-held at a high ISO turned out reasonably well, so here are a few examples.

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Lower Manhattan from a boat

My present job occasionally demands travel between Wall Street area in Manhattan and Exchange Place location in Jersey City. The most convenient way to make the trip is via NY Waterway service, which takes about 10 minutes to cross New York Harbor. On one of such trips I brought along my camera and snapped a

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A tree

Taking a break from post-processing photos taken during a recent Italy trip, I am following up the discourse started in this post with a pretty good HDR example. I had my significantly improved photographic equipment with me during last weekend’s customary stay at the semi-annual singer-songwriter festival (I wrote about that in the past). Since

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New York imagery: Madison Square Park

Finding myself for the first time in ages in a place that I used to walk through daily, I could not restrain myself from taking a couple of shots of things reaching for the sky. (Despite less than optimal lighting due to overall weather.) These are couple of perspectives from Madison Square Park (not to

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One of my favorite vistas

This weekend, chauffeuring our guests around Brooklyn, I found myself for the first time in ages on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. In our early days in America, my Mom said on occasion that the view of Manhattan from there is worth coming to New York City all by itself. It is definitely one of my

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After rain

After a short but intense rain at the end of the day, the street is saturated with brilliant colors. I’m not sure how well a formatted-for-web picture can relay it, but I figured I’d try. I only resized it, no other enhancing manipulations were performed here.  


Remember the pond in our backyard and the story associated with it? The funny thing is, we were assured repeatedly by the previous owners and their landscaper that there was fish in that pond. But we did not see a single fish after we had moved in. Until now. Here are the residents of the

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