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Category: Family Archive

Fitness reboot

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: I joined a gym and started exercising regularly. If you haven’t heard this before, you must not have been a regular reader of this blog in its first couple of years. Don’t despair, I’ll recap: In late 2007, I joined a gym that…

International Women’s Day

I live in a house full of women, so it behooves me to remember an occasion as important as the International Women’s Day. It used to be easier to remember in my youth, when the day was marked by a non-working state holiday (for either gender), but nowadays I simply…

Happy New Year!

I hope that every one of you had smashing time greeting the New Year! We did our usual thing with a group of our good friends, gathering around the table, eating, drinking, laughing around, eventually moving on to karaoke and movie-watching. We did this in practically the same company for…

Celebrating the season

I am a fairly indifferent homeowner when it comes to decorating for holidays, even though the family customarily forces me to get out the ladder and hang icicles on the roof and other lights around the house. I do, however, enjoy seeing illuminated displays around the neighborhood.