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Back from Porto

Most of my audience likely knows that I spent a few days in Porto, ostensibly to watch a football game. Such a standalone sporting event can hardly ever justify transatlantic travel, so I made a nearly week-long trip out of it. The result was a close reacquaintance with this wonderful town. I covered practically all main points of interest in Porto, walked everywhere in the city center, tasted wine and port, ate local specialties, and enjoyed it all to no end.

The game itself was a bit of a damp squib, among the worst in recent memory that my team has played. Football is a funny game where the obviously better team may struggle to create real danger in the opposition end and lose the game on a single weird sequence of sloppy defending and an uncommon brilliance from some bloke who will not score on the next 99 similar shots. The way the stadium erupted on the last-gasp winning goal by the home team actually compensated for the disappointment a little; stadium-going experience is certainly a treat regardless of the outcome.

Porto is among the most photogenic cities anywhere, and I added a few hundred shots to my past portfolio of it. I will get to that eventually. For a teaser, here is a bit of evidence of me indulging in one of my favorite pastimes.
In Porto
In Porto

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