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Back from Sardinia

When we stack-rank our trips based on how smooth and stress-free they went, our just-concluded voyage will be somewhere near the bottom. Transportation and natural events beyond our control tried our patience, forced us into on-the-fly alterations of plans, and left an unfortunate aftertaste that this was not the greatest of trips.

None of that was Sardinia’s fault. In fact, the island and all that it can offer certainly left the most positive of impressions. Sardinia may not be exceptionally rich in must-see highlights – nuraghi aside – but the beaches are phenomenal, the food is simple and excellent, the people are awfully nice, and the scenery presents eye-catching vistas with regularity.

We took full advantage of opportunities to explore and enjoy, with over 1,200 kilometers driven, many thousands of steps taken, and a new beach visited every day. Our itinerary took us from Cagliari on the southern coast of the island to Castelsardo on the northern one, although we primarily kept ourselves in the western half. Thousands of photos have been taken as always, so detailed recaps will follow in due time.

For a sneak peek, here is the view from the balcony of our apartment in Sardara.
Sardara, Sardinia