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Back from Italy

Whoa! Wait a second there!!

Nearly two years of barely leaving the confines of our home – and then we had not one but two long-distance trips in quick succession!? One of them crossing international borders!?!?

Yep, that is precisely what we did. Just a few weeks after returning from the West Coast, we flew to Italy, which is undoubtedly the top contender for the title of our favorite foreign country. We explored the part that we had not been to before, Sicily, but also left ourselves a couple of days to rekindle acquaintance with Rome.

As always, over a dozen of different locales, lots of driving, lots of walking (20,000 steps a day on average, with the record coming in at 32,000 steps), a couple of bucket-list experiences, great food, several dips in the Mediterranean Sea, and thousands of photographs that now await their turn to be developed. My better half has been providing some glimpses of the trip on social media, but I will do my usual thing taking time to sort through and select the best visuals. As a teaser, here is the incomparable view to Ragusa Ibla.
Ragusa, Sicily
We had a blast in every sense of the word!