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Back from California

We got on a plane and flew to a remote locale.

Funny how something that used to be par for the course for us in the BC era (“before covid” – a term not coined by me) is nowadays an extraordinary event. Two years sitting at home – a road trip to Maine last year was a notable exception – stretched our sanity to the limit, so at some point we figured we just had to go.

Of course, if you are following my lovely wife on Facebook, you already know everything about this trip. We explored a few interesting places in Los Angeles and San Diego that had escaped our attention in the past; we spent quality time with our friends and relatives who reside on the West Coast; we got an excellent fill of the amusement parks; and more. It was a fantastic week and a half!

I did bring my camera with me, but used it relatively sparingly. The rust certainly shows, as the quick initial check of the output suggests. I will nonetheless attempt to take this blog off life support by posting selections of photos in the coming weeks. For a preview, here is a perspective from the top of Mount Hollywood above the iconic sign.
Mount Hollywood