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Back from Israel

My last trip of 2019 was epic by any measure. I spent close to two weeks in Israel for the very first time in my life. Along the way, I also visited Istanbul, explored a bit of south of Jordan, and set foot in the West Bank, adding 4 more entities to my list of visited countries in one swoop.

There is certainly no way to see everything there is to see in Israel even in the seemingly large space of two weeks, but I definitely gave it a try, going to places from Tzfat in the north to Eilat in the south and many others in between. As is my usual custom, World Heritage sights got priority billing on my itinerary – 13 of them got added to my personal visited list after this trip. In between, I dipped myself into 3 different seas, visited with relatives, and ate more shakshuka and shawarma than in my entire past life.

Nearly 3,000 photographs are currently awaiting their turn to be processed and I will follow my usual approach of producing separate photo-essays on each of the major points of interest as I progress through development. For a teaser, here is the view of Jerusalem Old City from the heights of Mount Olive.