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State of travel and my favorite baker’s dozen of 2018

I have managed trips to 4 foreign countries over the course of 2018 (Scotland, France, Greece, Italy), of which one was a fairly triumphant first. It continued a curiously stable trend established in the last couple of years (2017, 2016) following a much higher output of 2015.

Where it comes to the World Heritage, I added 11 entries to my list of visited sites – a slight improvement over the previous reporting periods.

Closer to home, there were a few trips to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, where my middle child is pursuing higher education, and a semi-spontaneous Christmastime visit to our friends who reside in the Washingtion, DC, area, as well as a couple of one-offs for assorted family members, but overall we remained mostly housebound.

The new year has a potential to improve the trend somewhat. Two big trips are already well in the works, with a possibility of exploring or touching upon 4 new foreign countries. There are further tentative plans that should increase that total. I may well break my record for WH sites and visit around two dozen of them during the year, if all plans come to fruition. We shall see.

Following the tradition for these year-end summaries, here is a baker’s dozen of my favorite shots from the past year.

The brooding landscape of Islay.
Islay, Scotland
The fishing gear at the pier in Pittenweem, Scotland.
Pittenweem, Scotland
The colorful resident of Marqueyssac Gardens, department of Dordogne, France.
Marqueyssac Gardens, Dordogne, France
The boat on river Dordogne.
Dordogne, France
The waterfront of Brantôme.
Brantôme, France
The lily pond at Monet’s Gardens in Giverny.
Monet's Gardens, Giverny, France
Love locks on Pont des Arts in Paris.
The weekend midday bustle of Tuileries Gardens with the Louvre and the Arc du Carrousel in the background.
Oia, Santorini, Greece.
Oia, Santorini, Greece
A fragment of Naxos City, Greece.
Naxos City, Greece
Little Venice corner of Mykonos.
Little Venice, Mykonos, Greece
Athens, with the Temple of Hephaestus in the foreground.
Porta di San Giacomo, Bergamo, Italy.
Bergamo, Italy

Thanks for being with me! I promise to continue to chronicle our travels on these pages.