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Back from Italy

This was not exactly a spontaneous trip – we planned it almost three months in advance – but it did come up fairly spontaneously back in August. After returning from Greece, I did not really expect to have either time or opportunity to take another journey this calendar year, but my adventurous better half kept poking me with offers of shorter jaunts – and my resistance to that was not awfully strong. As we regularly enjoy spending our birthdays in overseas locations, we eventually settled on going to Milan for Natasha’s birthday.

We finally did a bit of justice to Milan (on our third attempt, as it happens) and also took a couple of day-trips to cities that had escaped our attentions in the past. No driving – train travel is so inexpensive and convenient in Europe that you can completely forget about hazards of driving and parking if you are only focused on urban centers of reasonable size. Lots of walking as always: nearly 25,000 steps per day on average. Three World Heritage sites added to my collection.

There are still half a dozen installments left from the Greek trip before I start posting recaps of this latest journey. This time around, I actually took time to post a few middling Instagram pictures while onsite, but otherwise I will stick to my decidedly non-insta approach to documenting our travels. I trust my audience will keep forgiving me that.

Bergamo, Italy