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Back from Scotland

Another best-buddies whisky discovery trip is in the annals of history. When we did our first one, we came back with a clear feeling that we wanted to reprise the experience. It took us 3 years to align our schedules for the second time, but we did it.

This time we focused on Islay, visiting all 8 active distilleries on the island. We also set foot in about as many distilleries on the “mainland”, mixing it up with exploration of a few castles and towns. All in all, 900 miles driven, nearly 50 brands of scotch tasted, every personal, political, and philosophical problem discussed and resolved (at least, as far as our disagreements go), and most importantly, we had a blast! It appears very likely that this is not the last time we have done it – there are still plenty of Highlands distilleries that eagerly await our visit in the future.

Highlights of the trip will be presented in the usual photo-essay form on these pages in due time.
A tasting flight at Ardbeg, Islay


  1. FredS.

    Much happy for you’re guys.. It is interesting and (assumingly) much pleasant trip. Don’t stop – Scotland has more distilaries… and friendship should be forever. Most of ingridients are present,.. ..
    We’ll wait for more reports from the bottle fields.

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