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Back from Spain (with a fair bit of France)

Our latest visit to Costa Brava has run its course. We return regularly and always greatly enjoy both the breathtaking scenery and the superb company, with a fair amount of outstanding food and wine thrown in. The last two weeks only reinforced the long established feeling of the place practically being another home for us.

Our good friends who actually make Costa Brava their summer home every year maintain that no matter how many time we visit we would find new places to see and new things to explore. That held true to a large degree, and we visited several remarkable towns in Catalunya for the first time. We also took two day trips to France, primarily to satisfy my World Heritage chasing needs. The drives to places that we have not yet seen get longer but they have been all worth the effort. My faithful audience can look forward to quite a few photo-essays in the coming months.

As a teaser, here is a panoramic view of the quieter side of Cadaqués bay.
Cadaqués, Spain
I have no doubt that we will return again!