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A place in my memory: Lake Como

This picture is comparatively minimalist, imperfectly composed, and not related to any specific occurrence. Rather, it offers a general recollection of tranquility that I have come to associate with the incomparable Lake Como.

Lake Como

It should be noted that my only to-date stay on Lake Como occurred at the height of the tourist season. There were plenty of traffic jams on narrow roads, parking shortages, and one or two sufficiently long wait to be seated at a popular restaurant where we unwisely showed up without prior reservations. In other words, it is a bit counter-intuitive to recall the place as tranquil.

And yet, we stayed in a relatively un-glamorous Sala Comacina, a village not frequented by the majority of tourists. Although we explored many of the hot spots around the lake during the day, we spent several of the evenings near our base. As twilight set in, from the upper terrace of the local restaurant, occupied by only us and one other family, the roofs of the village and the expanse of the lake beyond offered a vision of serenity that in time became the defining feature of my recollections about our stay there.

Lake Como is gorgeous and offers plenty of sightseeing attractions, but somehow the most lasting image is that of a romantic quietude.

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