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33 cents

A curious thing happened to me today: I sold my first photograph. It only brought me 33 cents, a laughable sum that I cannot even put into my pocket until I make 151 more sales of the same kind. Adobe Stock site pocketed twice as much but even if I had the full $1 it would obviously not herald any possibility of me quitting my day job.

And yet, I am positively giddy.

And embarrassed a bit, since I do not consider my level of photographic output objectively worthy of someone’s money, amount notwithstanding. I found barely a dozen pictures in my entire portfolio that I thought were good enough – and did not violate fairly rigid intellectual property controls – to upload to the stock site. That one of them was selected from among hundreds, if not thousands, of similar pictures within a couple of days of becoming available probably only shows that these days anyone with a camera can stumble into honestly claiming that they sold their work.

Wait!…  I did not come here to denigrate my accomplishment!

I came here to brag! 🙂

Somehow it does not feel right to post the actual picture here, but it has been on my Photo Gallery page for a while. The one featuring love locks. What do you think?