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Back from Vienna

So I spent another week abroad. This time I went to Vienna, a city that I count among my favorites despite the fact that I had only been there once before, over a decade ago.

The foremost goal of the trip was to explore Christmas markets, which parts of former German and Austrian empires do like no others. I could not, of course, stay away from exploring some places that I have not seen before, most importantly a few World Heritage-listed destinations. Nor could I bypass revisiting some of the previously seen sights.

I clearly overestimated my tolerance for being outside in the cold weather – which means that I spent disproportional amount of time drinking coffee and people-watching in the relative warmth of cafés, as opposed to strolling around with my camera at the ready. Nonetheless, I brought back a sufficient number of photographic material for a few essays. They’ll come to these pages in good time, as always.

For an advance taste, here is the view of the Rathausplatz Market in the evening.
Christmas Market on Rathausplatz, Vienna

Happy Holidays to all!