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A place in my memory: Montresor

One of my weaknesses as a photographer is a healthy level of attraction to things grand and significant. That’s not to say that I only take pictures of important landmarks, but I tend to favor compositions that include eye-catching achitecture over those that include only fragments or nothing singularly remarkable.

It so happens, however, that some of those less-than-grand compositions make a better memory imprint of a place once visited. Which is well illustrated by this shot.

Montresor, Loire Valley, France

This was taken in the village of Montrésor in the Loire Valley. In the registry of Most beautiful villages in France, it is indeed a very pretty place, well worth of a couple of hours of exploring. Lovely streets, quaint houses, and yes, some eye-catching architecture.

But what I remember the most from our visit to Montrésor is the walking path along Indrois river that offers great perspectives on the imposing castle, and many delighful views on both banks of the little stream. Quite why this shack attracted my photographic attention is hard to say, but the scene managed to capture the mixture of time standing still and backwater serenity that I so much enjoy in places of this kind.