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Re-counting World Heritage sites: #49 (Canterbury)

The town of Canterbury in English Southeast has several monuments collectively recognized by UNESCO for being the historic seat of the head of the Anglican Church.

If you have been following my blog for any period of time, you have heard me express my admiration for religious architecture. Canterbury Cathedral is undoubtedly up there with the more impressive cathedrals I have visited on my travels. With the history dating back over 1,400 years, it is no surprise that the church underwent many rebuilding and expansion efforts, resulting in a soaring amalgamation of styles.

Canterbury Cathedral, England

The cathedral sits inside a walled precinct, with a number of auxiliary buildings and spaces, as well as ruins of the medieval St Augustine’s Abbey. We spent some time exploring the surroundings, curtailed by rain somewhat.

Canterbury Cathedral Precinct, England

Canterbury can be easily seen on a day-trip from London. You can probably explore the cathedral and its precinct within a couple of hours, and budget another hour or two for wandering around the town center.