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Re-counting World Heritage sites: #35 (Rhine Valley)

The 65km-long stretch of River Rhine between Bingen and Koblenz is recognized on UNESCO World Heritage list for its importance as a major historic transport route as well as for the majestic cultural landscape formed on the both banks of the river. Those who have seen it will no doubt agree with my use of the word “majestic” here. The vineyard terraces, the castles, the quaint towns, the widening vistas that alternate with dramatic river bends – it all combines into a procession of visuals that can only be described in superlative terms.

Alas, our visit to Rhine Valley took place over a decade ago, and if you are a regular member of my modest audience, you may easily guess that my next sentence is bound to lament my past approach to travel photography. So it does. This was before I have evolved into a photography enthusiast – I was more likely to buy a postcard of a beautiful view rather than attempt to capture it myself in those times.

Here are a few unremarkable shots. The first is the view of Burg Rheinstein, one of the grand castles on the banks of the river, taken from the upper deck of the cruise boat.

Burg Rheinstein, Rhine Valley, Germany

A fragment of St Goar’s village center looking to the river.

St Goar, Rhine Valley, Germany

A clock above the entrance of a clock shop in Bacharach.

A clock in Bacharach, Rhine Valley, Germany

We set aside one full day for acquainting ourselves with the Rhine Valley, which allowed us to navigate the most picturesque stretch from Bingen to Boppard on a local cruise ship, make the return trip to Bingen via train, and then drive down the left bank to visit locations such as Rheinstein and Bacharach. Our base was Mainz, which we explored on its own merit, but staying in Bingen or Koblenz or somewhere between the two is likely more convenient for an in-depth exploration of the area. I have no doubt that three full days can easily sustain such exploration and fit in more points of interest, such as castles, villages, or wineries.

When I ever return, I intend to linger.


  1. Tatiana

    I absolutely agree with you! Majestic, picturesque, delightful!
    There is a hotel with red walls and a balcony in your photos of St Goar. Believe it or not, we stayed at this hotel! :)) I had my morning coffee on this balcony and admired the scenery!

  2. Ilya

    Way to go! I suppose it would be awfully hard to find a better base. Another one for my growing list of things not done as they should be done 😉

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