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Highlights of Stockholm

Stockholm is the most visually appealing of the three Scandinavian capitals that we visited on our recent journey. This is in large part due to it being located on an archipelago with significant amount of water flowing between different parts of the city. Where eye-catching or simply colorful architecture meets expansive waterfronts it makes for magnificent panoramic views.

View from Monteliusvagen, Stockholm

The above shot was taken from Monteliusvägen, a walking path on the high bank of Södermalm district facing the Old Town. It has some of the best views of the city skyline, especially at sunset. Here are a few more perspectives. First, with the closer look at the spire of Riddarholm Church and the tower of the Stockholm Cathedral.

View from Monteliusvagen, Stockholm

Another prominent tower takes central stage in the next shot. This one belongs to Tyska Kyrkan, the German Church.

View from Monteliusvagen, Stockholm

And another perspective from Monteliusvägen.

View from Monteliusvagen, Stockholm

We did watch the sunset from the lookout on the path. Later on, crossing the bridge on the way to the Old Town, we looked back at the bank of Södermalm.

Sodermalm, Stockholm

A rare after-dark hand-held picture that came out well highlights a random attractive corner of Stockholm.


The Royal Palace looks pretty sober on the exterior, a massive but relatively unadorned building.

Royal Palace, Stockholm

The interior has some fine points but is markedly less luxurious than exuberant palaces seen elsewhere in Europe. Scandinavian monarchies all appear more ascetic than their more southern counterparts. Here is one of the more opulent rooms, a princess’s bedroom.

Inside Royal Palace, Stockholm

A view from the palace towards Strömgatan quay area.


And another perspective near the palace, along its side towards the Stockholm Cathedral.

View along Royal Palace to Storkyrkan, Stockholm

The cathedral – known as Storkyrkan (Great Church) in Swedish – is a fine example of Brick Gothic architecture that we already admired so much in Roskilde. Golden royal boxes, an impressive organ, and a monumental pulpit are the most striking features. Here is a perspective along the main nave towards the altar.

Inside Storkyrkan, Stockholm

We saw Royal Guards in action in all three capitals that we visited. Here is a company of Swedish ones marching towards their changing ceremony on a street in the Old Town.

Royal guards, Stockholm

The main square of Gamla Stan, the Old Town, is very picturesque. Its name, Stortorget, means “Big Square”, but it is big only in relative terms to the mostly narrow confines of the historic city core. In absolute terms, it is not too spacious and feels even less so with the number of tourists that linger here.

Stortorget, Stockholm

One of the more ebullient buildings in all of Stockholm is the Royal Dramatic Theater.

Royal Dramatic Theater, Stockholm

The theater acts as a book-end to Strandvägen, an impressive harborside boulevard in Östermalm district. Developed at the end of 19th century it houses many remarkable buildings, such as these hotels.

Strandvagen, Stockholm

Here is a perspective of Strandvägen taken from from Skeppsholm Bridge.

Strandvagen, Stockholm

In the opposite direction from the same bridge vantage point is one of the best perspectives on the palace and the cathedral in the background.

Royal Palace, Stockholm

And another perspective of the waterfront of the Old Town.


Even if you move away from the waterfront, you can frequently find scenic architectural ensembles in Stockholm. The next shot is taken in Vasastan, an increasingly popular residential neighborhood to the north of the city center.

In Vasastan district, Stockholm

At the Hötorget market, the stalls selling mushrooms and produce are an explosion of colors.

Stalls at Hotorget, Stockholm

Pippi Longstocking or Karlsson-on-the-Roof are the world-known children’s book characters brought to life by Astrid Lindgren, one of the most famous Swedes in history. We came across this small statue of her near the Junibacken children museum.

Astrid Lindgren statue, Stockholm

Back to views across water, here is another magnificent perspective of the Old Town.


A closer look at the Riddarholm Church, the resting place of Swedish monarchs and nobility, taken from the excursion boat.

Riddarholm Church, Stockholm

A view of the City Hall taken on the same boat trip.

City Hall, Stockholm

And several perspectives from the City Hall waterfront garden towards different parts of town.

View to Riddarholm Church from City Hall, Stockholm


View to Sodermalm from City Hall, Stockholm


View to Storkyrkan from City Hall, Stockholm

Aside from the Royal Palace and the cathedral, we visited a couple of major churches shown in the above shots (Riddarholm and Tyska), the most impressive Vasa Museum dedicated to the ill-fated royal ship that sank on her maiden voyage in the 17th century and was recovered 300 years later, and a couple of UNESCO sites farther afield from the city center. We spent most of our time walking the streets, quays and bridges of the city, enjoying the views. Or sipping rosé on a floating bar by Strandvägen. We could probably use an extra day or two to enjoy Stockholm even more. Which means that we are likely to come back again in the future.

These and other pictures of Stockholm have been loaded to the new Stockholm Flickr album.