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Oslo fjord

Oslo fjord is not a true fjord in geological sense – its creation was not owed to glacier erosion. Instead, it is what is known as a rift valley. As the result, it is not overly narrow, nor does it have steep cliffs flanking it – in other words, it does not offer dramatic scenery painted by our imagination at hearing the word fjord. But in Norwegian, this word can mean a variety of waterways, and a deep inlet definitely qualifies for the term.

The shores and multitude of islands on the fjord are quite picturesque. We undertook a two-hour fjord cruise on a tall ship while in Olso, which is something I highly recommend to any visitor to the Norwegian capital. Just make sure you station yourself as close to the bow as possible for the best sweeping views.

As is always the case, major points of interest take on a whole different perspective when viewed from water. Here is a look at the Akershus castle.

Akershus castle viewed from Oslo fjord

The Opera House.

Oslo Opera House viewed from the fjord

Remember how we walked on its roof (as described in Highlights of Oslo)? You can see hundreds of people doing likewise in the above shot. We actually went to the Opera House on the next day after the fjord cruise, sufficiently early in the morning to have the roof practically to ourselves, unlike these mid-afternoon visitors.

The settlements on the shores and islands are invariably scenic.

On Oslo fjord


On Oslo fjord

This lighthouse, called Heggholmen, has been established nearly 200 years ago and remains active today.

Heggholmen Lighthouse, Oslo fjord


On Oslo fjord

Among the most picturesque and fascinating coastal features are the rows of bath houses. Where there is no beach, people build cabins from which you can descend directly into the water.

Bath houses on Oslo fjord


Bath houses on Oslo fjord

We did see a few people taking advantage of the sunny August day, longing on the bath house terraces and even taking a dip. Thirty minutes later a rainy cloud moved in. I suppose the bath house can also act as a shelter from rain.

Coming back into town at the end of the cruise, this is the view towards the City Hall.

View to the City Hall from Oslo fjord

Later that day, as we were watching sunset from Akershus’s ramparts, we saw our ship leave for an evening cruise.

Tall ship going out on Oslo fjord

These and other pictures from our Oslo fjord excursion have been added to my Oslo Flickr album.