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Montmorency Falls

Montmorency waterfalls and the surrounding park are an excellent half-day trip destination when you are in Quebec City – or even full-day depending on how much you want to take advantage of available activities.

The falls are higher than Niagara by good 30 meters but visually, of course, may be slightly less impressive. Nonetheless, they offer an excellent diversion from the city scene less than 20 minutes away by car from central Quebec. Ride the cable car to the top, walk on the bridge over the falls, descend via wooden stairs clinging to the side of a cliff. You’ll get all possible perspectives of the waterfalls, a few of which are presented here.

This is the view from the bridge.

Montmorency Falls, near Quebec City

View from one of the stairs landings.

Montmorency Falls, near Quebec City

Bonus double rainbow.

Montmorency Falls, near Quebec City

We were up on that bridge in a previous shot.

Montmorency Falls, near Quebec City

Frontal view from ground level.

Montmorency Falls, near Quebec City

And a view towards the city from one of the elevated viewpoints.

View to Quebec City from Montmorency Falls

There are a couple of children playgrounds, extensive picnic areas, full-service restaurant at the top, a number of walking trails, and several advance hiking routes available in the park for those inclined.

These pictures are part of my Quebec Flickr album.


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