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Re-counting World Heritage sites: #14 (Pont du Gard)

Pont du Gard was chronologically the very first Roman site that we laid our eyes upon. I cannot help but repeat my customary refrain about being in love with architectural masterpieces, and the ones that survive comparatively intact for 2,000 years get an additional dose of my admiration. Itinerary for our very first voyage through France had Pont du Gard as a definite intraday stop.

That visit was not very extensive. An hour or so is certainly enough to see different perspectives of the aqueduct, absorb and reflect on its relative immensity and intricacy, and take a few snapshots. I do not recall that we walked across or spent too much time at the museum in the visitor center, but I do recall seeing several picnicking families on the banks of the river Gard, which suggests that you can make a full day out of the visit. I doubt I’d ever go that far, but I would certainly stretch my next opportunity to take better pictures.

Pont du Gard, France

Curiously, the inscription on the UNESCO list is extremely short and scarcely informative. It appropriately calls the aqueduct both a technical and an artistic masterpiece, though. I fully agree.