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I can eat

As I mentioned in this post-business-trip entry, there are few better ways to impress your relatively new colleagues than to order a huge mixed-grill plate at a fancy restaurant and polish it off on your own. One of the aforementioned colleagues took before-and-after pictures of that epic meal but kept forgetting to send the pics to me. That has finally been rectified. So here I am.



  1. Esfir Burlak

    Oh, my god! To remember all these years when all of us (me, your dad, your grandparents) really stayed on our ears trying to put some food in your mouth! You was so bad eater!
    I understand that my reaction actually very trivial for you, but when I think about the time you was just a little boy! It was saying on Russian “vyrvannye gody”.
    But when I remember the reaction of one of your doctors, her respond on my complain that you do not eat black caviar that we paid dear money for, to “popravit’ your health: this will passed! And this is truly “passed” when I look at this picture.
    Have a good appetite, my son! Meanwhile, do not forget to be healthy!

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