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Volterra, Tuscany

Volterra resides on the second tier of Tuscan sights hierarchy. It boasts an Etruscan archeological site and museum that the other locales do not have, but lacks the knockout punch of an attraction such as the leaning tower of Pisa or the many towers of San Gimignano.

Nonetheless, it is an atmospheric and beautiful Tuscan hill-top town, well worth a day visit.

The main piazza of the town center is dominated by Palazzo Priori, the town hall built in the 13th century.

Palazzo Priori, Volterra, Italy

This instant favorite was shot around the corner from the palace, on a street/path leading to Parco Archeologico.

A cute corner of Volterra

From the top of the same path, a view towards the palace.

A view to Palazzo Priori, Volterra, Italy

Next up is the medieval Medici fortress.

Fortezza Medicea, Volterra, Italy

The imposing structure was completed in the 15th century. After our first visit to Volterra, I was somewhat baffled why this magnificent piece of architecture did not feature on the list of attractions in town. Turns out that it actually houses a working prison and therefore is not exactly open to tourists for visits. I have to assume that the security is top-notch at that place, seeing as the fortress stands right on the edge of the Archeologic Park within a stone’s throw from sightseeing crowds.

The views from high windows (and the tower) of Palazzo Priori rival any Tuscan scenery perspectives.

Volterra roofs and a Tuscan view


These and other pictures of Volterra can be found in my Flickr photoset.