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A tree

Taking a break from post-processing photos taken during a recent Italy trip, I am following up the discourse started in this post with a pretty good HDR example.

I had my significantly improved photographic equipment with me during last weekend’s customary stay at the semi-annual singer-songwriter festival (I wrote about that in the past). Since the weather cooperated quite well and the concert schedule left a lot of free time for me this time around, I practiced my landscape photography here and there. Towards the end of day on Saturday, the lonesome large tree in the center of the campground provided an excellent foil to the setting sun and the drifting smoke from the campfires, and I simply had to take this picture (as did others around me).

18-200mm at 52mm, ISO 100, f/11, bracketed exposures at 1/320, 1/1250, 1/80

It came out really well, I humbly submit.


  1. Vladimir Meskin

    This is such a great picture! If I come across this image in store I would be interested in buying the print. Great work, professional level!

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