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Around Lake Como

When you visit Lake Como, you would be well advised not to stay in just one place. You have to move around, to visit different lakeside villages, to take in as many breathtaking views as possible. The lake is one endless sequence of picturesque spots. Here is a small sampling.

We spent some time on the Lenno waterfront bracketed around a visit to one of the top sights on the lake, Villa del Balbionella. This is a view of Lido di Lenno.

In Lenno, Lake Como

Balbionella’s most frequently cited claim to fame is having been one of the locations for Casino Royale. It sits at the edge of a bluff that juts out to the lake which results in surrounding lake views from every window of the villa and from every terrace in the garden. Here is one of such views.

View from Villa Balbionella, Lake Como

A close-up of the village that makes the background of the previous shot.

Lake Como view

On a few occasions, we crossed the lake on a car ferry. Perspectives from the middle of the lake are even more mesmerising than anything taken from the shore.

Lake Como view

Approaching Bellagio from the water is a much grander experience than driving into the town via a lakeside road.

Approaching Bellagio via ferry, Lake Como

These and other pictures of Lenno, Villa Balbionella, Bellagio and assorted lake views have been added to my Lake Como Flickr set. Even more to come.