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My favorite sights of San Gimignano

A follow-up photo-essay from more recent trip can be found here.

Many tour-books call San Gimignano “Manhattan of Tuscany”, on account of a dozen or so surviving medieval towers that form a veritable skyscraper cluster. The towers attract huge crowds of tourists to the town whose ancient core remains attractive and picturesque even when being overrun by sightseeing hordes.

Here is a view to the town from a distance.

View to San Gimignano, Italy

There are two towers that stand pretty close to each other and, while they actually differ in size and would not be called remarkable on their own merit, from a number of angles they bear certain resemblance to an erstwhile New York City landmark.

In San Gimignano, Italy

Climbing the tallest of San Gimignano’s towers, Torre Grossa, is highly recommended, especially since it is not as taxing as tower climbs elsewhere. The views over the Tuscan countryside are amazing. Here is one prominently featuring the not-so-twin towers.

View from Torre Grossa, San Gimignano, Italy

This line of houses on the main square, Piazza della Cisterna, is one of my favorite sights in town.

In San Gimignano, Italy

San Gimignano is small, and we visited enough times to be able to explore areas beyond standard tourist routes. On one quiet street, we found a row of doors guarded by sculpted heads. Here is a fragment.

In San Gimignano, Italy

And this is just so unmistakably “Tuscan hill-town” that I like this shot even though there is clearly nothing exceptional about it.

In San Gimignano, Italy

Tuscan towns are among the most-frequently-visited destinations in our travels. That form is set to continue this year.