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My favorite sights of Ghent

Unlike in Bruges, we only spent short time in Ghent, a half-day at the tail end of a weekend-long Belgium-centric getaway while living in England. The town certainly deserves more attention. While not as picturesque as Bruges overall, it does offer several superb attractions and more than a few locations worthy of a photograph.

My favorite sight of Ghent is unsurprisingly its central quay, Graslei.

Graslei, Ghent, Belgium

There is something fairy-tale about this view. Maybe, it’s a vestige of my childhood. Having read a lot of Hans-Cristian Andersen tales when I was little, I always imagined European towns to look something like this, gabled houses and all.

As is my custom, I climbed to the top of Ghent’s Belfort to absorb views over town. The perspective onto St Bavo Cathedral is pretty impressive.

Belfort view onto St Bavo Cathedral, Ghent, Belgium

Another place to come back to eventually.