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My favorite sights of Segovia, Spain

Segovia – within an easy day-trip distance from Madrid – is one of those picturesque locations, where every turn around a corner brings you to a great photographic spot. It boasts a few major can’t-miss sights, but it is the often flamboyant house ornamentation on its narrow pedestrian streets that leaves the most lasting impression.

I will start with the iconic sight of Segovia – that of its aqueduct.

Aqueduct of Segovia, Spain

The 2,000-years-old masterpiece is one of the best-preserved artifacts of the Roman empire in all of Europe. The old town, with its jumble of roofs and colorful exteriors, starts right by the aqueduct.

Alcázar of Segovia frequently finds its way on the lists of the most striking castles in the world. It is without a doubt impressive.

Alcazar of Segovia, Spain

I especially like the view over the old town from the high towers of the Alcázar.

View over Segovia from Alcazar

And then, there are the streets and squares in the city core, lined or surrounded by buildings of mostly uniform height but far from uniform look. Here is a square off busy pedestrian Calle Juderia Vieja.

A square in Segovia, Spain

Walking up the same street, one can enjoy the sight of the exquisite domes of the Cathedral and its belltower, in the framing of stuccoed buildings.

Streets of Segovia, Spain

Here are a couple more perspectives of the houses found on Segovia streets.

Streets of Segovia, Spain Streets of Segovia, Spain

A gem of a city!