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More of the same, as in nothing

As I am limping towards a milestone of 1000 posts (still over a dozen to go), I realize how many obvious topics come up around me every day that I could use as blog fodder. And yet, as has been painfully obvious for quite some time now, I just cannot work up much interest for doing this writing thing. Too many other things in my life demand attention.

There was Sandy. Posting my own local pictures of fallen trees, damaged houses, blocked roads, or remarking that we came through relatively unscathed, or recounting our delightful impromptu weekend getaway to the DC area that we would not have taken if not for lack of electricity in our house – I could make a whole week of posts out of that. A month, more like.

There was the election. Although I long ago forsworn any political discourse on these premises, this year’s ballot marked a significant occasion for my eldest child: Her first trip to the voting booth. Just that by itself should have given birth to at least one blog post. The slightly amusing laid-back set-up of the voting precinct in our backwater suburbia could well be another.

There was the Nor’easter. Tons of snow, more damage to the trees, more power outages just a week after the famous perfect storm – perfect inroads to some diatribe about upcoming apocalypse.

There is Cryptonomicon. I’ve been struggling with it for a couple of months now – not in terms of finding it hard to read, but in terms of finding time to read, period. It touches on seemingly every intellectual subject known to humankind and I have quite a few thoughts on those. A whole recurring category of deep thoughts, veritably.

And yet, I can’t force myself to spend time on composing any of those. I am likely beyond the point of no return for reviving my erstwhile blogging output.

It’s probably to the best.


  1. Karen

    Well you may well think its not amusing, but some of us are interested in what you have to say. Its nice to find someone with a normal, non CNN Super Hyped, breaking news, strap lined, jingle backed version of events 😉

  2. Ilya

    Thanks for the encouragement, Karen! Can’t make any promises, but it is nice to know that this wheezing blogging enterprise retains some fans among old friends.

  3. Konstantin

    Cryptonomicon was fun. Although, everytime I read it, it felt that some drugs should have been taken prior to opening the book.

  4. Ilya

    I feel it might be worth re-reading at some point, because I definitely do not follow through on every one of the discourses and detours therein, but I am already afraid that finding resolve to tackle its monstrous size will be a challenge.

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