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My favorite sights of French Riviera

Azure skies, no less azure sea, sun-drenched waterfronts, sleek yachts – if this is what comes to your mind when you hear the words “French Riviera”, you are not alone. On our most recent stay on Côte d’Azur, we saw quite a lot of the same, as evidenced here.

The marina and waterfront of St-Tropez.

St-Tropez marina, French Riviera

St-Maxime’s marina.

St-Maxime marina, French Riviera

The lighthouse guarding the entrance to St-Tropez’s marina.

St-Tropez marina, French Riviera

And then, there are plenty of delightful corners on the streets of these resort towns. For instance, this hat shop in St-Tropez is one of my most favorite shots anywhere. Can’t even explain why.

A hat shop in St-Tropez, French Riviera

Aimlessly walking down the narrow streets, you will alternate between impressive, sometimes ostentatious, architectural pieces and quiet, colorful and quaint nooks. Most of the shots below were taken in St-Tropez, but also is St-Maxime and St-Raphael.

In St-Tropez, French Riviera In St-Raphael, French Riviera In St-Tropez, French Riviera
In St-Maxime, French Riviera In St-Tropez, French Riviera A St-Tropez perspective, French Riviera

Hard to pick a favorite for someone who enjoys just walking around, looking for visual surprises.