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My favorite sights of Cotswolds

Like any homogeneous rural region elsewhere in the world, Cotswolds have their own unique charming features, from distinct architecture of quaint cottages to the wide expanse of sheep-dotted pastures. Our exploration of the area was nothing short of delightful.

Unfortunately, we brought a lemon of the camera with us to Cotswolds, and most of the shots taken on that trip came out well below par for publication. As a result, we have not a single passable shot of the fetching river that flows through the center of Bourton-on-the-Water; nor of the stately elegance of Broadway; nor of the tight medieval-like confines of Chipping Campden; nor of the relatively bustling “riverfront” in Stratford-upon-Avon; nor of any castles and gardens that we visited.

Several random shots did come out perfectly well (which tricked us into thinking that we were ourselves at fault for the bad ones, perpetuating our pain through Amsterdam), but it made my choice of “favorite sights” practically non-existent.

Here is one such sight – the view from the top of the Broadway Tower over the town of Broadway and the surrounding countryside. It does give you an idea of what the local landscape looks like.

View from the Broadway Tower, Cotswolds, England

And here is a pretty emblematic background of an open garden in the back of a small town, featuring two young ladies who are much older nowadays. This was taken in the garden of Snowshill Manor, a country mansion remarkable for the collection of curiosities – and seemingly everything else – that its former owner had gathered over his life.

In the Snowshill Manor garden, Cotswolds, England

Yet one more place in the world that awaits to be better photographed by us!


  1. Karen Hall

    Ah you are only 20 mins from my home town here….. I miss the midlands….Kent may be the garden of england, but Northampton and Warwickshure surely are as they say ‘the rose of the shires’

  2. Ilya

    I do have a strong mental association that you’re somewhere from the area, Karen, whenever I think of Cotswolds. I agree with you that Kent, as wonderful as it is, probably cannot compete in beauty with the Midlands counties.

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